How to Drive ATV Safe: Useful Tips for Your Kids

ATV-related events have actually long been commonplace as lots of require to the popular lorries in the warmer months. Previously this month, a daddy and 2 teens were killed in Kentucky after the all-terrain lorry they were riding in fell over a high embankment.


Ronnie Akins, 47, his 19-year-old kid Dillon Akins, and Dillon's friend, Jonathan Laws, also 19, died after the lorry fell down the embankment last week, the Associated Press reported. A spokesperson for the Campbell County Constable's Office verified the news to PEOPLE.


On Monday, Christopher Simmons Jr., 17, and 10-year-old Jermiia Scarborough crashed in a four-wheeler around 6 p.m. in South Carolina, according to The State. Both died as an outcome of their injuries The occurrence marked the 2nd fatal ATV crash in the area over the Memorial Day holiday weekend: a 21-year-old volunteer firefighter, Stephen Campbell, died just days earlier, The State reported.


Safety pointer: Never ever ride on paved roadways except to cross when done securely and permitted by law. ATVs are designed to be run off-highway.


Authorities have long cautioned of the risks ATVs present, even as they offer a fun, adventurous time for riders. Inez Tenenbaum, former chairwoman of the Customer Product Security Commission, called ATVs among the "deadliest" products that the commission manages.


" Every year 700 people pass away and 136,000 go to the emergency room because of ATV associated injuries," Tenenbaum informed NBC News in 2012.


Over a 32-year duration (1982-2013), 524 individuals died on ATVs in Tennessee, 677 have actually died in California, and 735 in Texas, according to the CPSC.


With that, the CPSC has actually released numerous "guidelines of the path" to combat the high variety of ATV-related deaths and injuries.


Do Not Drive ATVs on Paved Roads
ATVs are designed to be driven only on off-road terrain surfaces, not paved roads, according to the CPSC.

" ATVs are tough to control on paved roads and are at risk of overturning, or striking or being hit by cars and trucks," officials said.


Do Not Allow a Kid Under 16 to Drive or Trip an Adult ATV
" Riders younger than 16 must ride an age-appropriate youth design ATV with a speed limiter," the CPSC advises, warning moms and dads to examine the ATV label that shows the recommended age for that particular design.


Do Not Drive ATVs with a Traveler or Flight as a Passenger
As fun as riding with a pal might sound, the CPSC warns against doing so, keeping in mind that an overloaded ATV could make it more difficult for the driver to control the vehicle.


" Never ever have more individuals on an ATV than it was designed to bring," officials stated. "If there is only one seat and one set of foot pegs, it is a single-rider ATV and just the motorist should be on it."


Safety tip: Don't let anyone ride your ATV unless they've had official ATV training.


Constantly Wear a Helmet and Other Protective Equipment
The commission advises that riders use eye defense, boots, gloves, long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt when requiring to the automobile.


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